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Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Best WordPress SEO plugin

Best WordPress SEO plugin

Search Engine Optimization Plugins

Getting your website to rank highly in the search engine results should be your top priority. That doesn’t mean you have to use Black Hat SEO techniques. Your WordPress site or blogs search engine ranking or SERPs will improve by using the a WordPress SEO plugin. The best thing is that the following WordPress SEO plugins are all available for free and can be downloaded from the links below.

SEO plugin package

An-in-one SEO plug-in package is essential for your WordPress site. Because this plugin is so essential there are several excellent free plugins to choose from.

My current recommendation for the best an-in-one SEO plug-in is called simply the “All-in-One SEO plugin”. This doesn’t have all the functions of other plugins like SEO Ultimate, but is has a strong reputation for reliablity and always updated.

This plugin helps ensure that your blogging is SEO optimized and also helps the blog to have well-managed content. This plugin is a great solution for your SEO needs in WordPress. For every page, you will get search engine optimized titles. Both the post and the page will have the keywords that are assigned to them. Meta tags are also automatically produced using this plug-in.

You can download the latest version of the All-in-One SEO plugin here:

Link: All-in-One SEO download

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Another excellent An-in-one SEO plug-in is WordPress SEO by Yoast.

The plugin takes care of all your site’s SEO needs. It is programmed to consider technical optimization apart from helping you write better content. The best way to quick SEO results is good content. The snippet view of your post or page will give you an accurate idea of how your page will display in the search results. It also helps insert Meta tags and optimizes automatically. This is just the tip of the iceberg of its capabilities. You can download the latest version of WordPress SEO by Yoast here:

Link: WordPress SEO by Yoast download

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is another great SEO plugin, with features almost identical to WordPress SEO by Yoast and the All-in-One SEO plugin.

Using one of the best SEO plug-in package is vital to the success of any blog. It is a great feeling to know that you have a blog that is enjoying all the SEO benefits from one plugin. With a successful blog, there is practically no limit to what you can do and the right SEO plug-in will help your site reach the widest possible audience.

You can download the latest version of SEO Ultimate here:

Link: SEO Ultimate download

Content is King

SEO plugins are a very useful tool for helping your WordPress site or blog get good search engine rankings and traffic to your site. However, no amount of SEO will get your site to rank highly, or be of value to visitors unless the content on your site is excellent.  Make sure you do great research for all your content and make it as easy to understand and navigate as possible. Remember the thing that will matter the most is the actual content on the website. If you have great content, and effective SEO then your site will achieve high ranking and traffic.

David Francis

Best WordPress Sites

Best WordPress plugins

The Best WordPress Plugins 

Best WordPress plugins

Best WordPress plugins

WordPress is widely regarded as the best choice for building a website and one reason why WordPress is so popular is plugins.

Plugins are one of the reasons that you don’t have to be a computer programmer in order to customize your website and add functionality to it.

Programmers all over the world create themes and plug-ins that allow you do just about anything you could dream of to your site, and you can easily add these to your site.   This post is going to focus on some of the best WordPress plugins that are available today.

Best WordPress plugins

All of the following best WordPress plugins can be downloaded from the official wordpress website at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins

Akismet Plugin

This has been on the list as one of the best plugins for a while now, and with good reason.

More people are spamming the comment sections of websites in the hopes of getting a link back to their site.  The Akismet plugin helps identify those spam comments and automatically moves them to a spam folder instead of forcing you to have to review them manually.

Broken Link Checker Plugin

This is a great plugin that scans your website periodically to make sure that all of your links are working.  Your visitors (and the search engines) don’t like broken links and this will alert you so they can be fixed.

Quick Adsense Plugin

Many people put advertising of some kind on their sites and this is an easy way to add Google Adsense into your posts.

Redirection Plugin

This plugin can streamline your handling of 404 errors and 301 redirects.  It also automatically updates the url when you change the name of a page, category, etc. so you don’t lose incoming link juice.

Secure WordPress Plugin

One of the few drawbacks to using the WordPress platform is that it can be vulnerable to hackers.  This is one of the best WordPress plugins around because it takes preventative steps to protect your site from hackers.

WordPress Database Backup Plugin

In the unfortunate even that hackers do get into your site, it is essential that you have a backup so it can be rebuilt.  This plugin allows you to schedule automatic backups so you don’t have to remember to do it.

WP125 Plugin

This is another easy way to add affiliate ads to your website.  It specializes in the popular 125 x 125 ads.

What is great about this plugin is that it allows you to put up to 6 small ads in one block. I prefer the option to use just 4 ads. This looks great and maximises the use of your valuable web real estate. It also gives you stats on clicks each ad is getting so you can delete ads that aren’t being clicked on.

CommentLuv Plugin

This is a great plugin if you are interested in generating more discussion on your website.  It encourages people to leave more comments on your site because it automatically shares one of their own recent posts with their comment.

Tweet Old Post Plugin

Many of the best WordPress plugins are related to social media because it has exploded over the last few years.  This one randomly goes through the old content on your site and randomly sends out a tweet about it.  It’s a great way to keep your old content in front of people and keep your Twitter feed updated.

Recent Tweets

This is another way to leverage your social media marketing.  The plugin puts a widget in your sidebar that shows all of of your recent tweets making it more likely that people will subscribe to your feed.

All In One SEO Pack

This is one of the best WordPress plugins if you are focused on SEO marketing and your theme isn’t SEO optimized.  The plugin gives you many of the SEO options that are usually only available in premium WordPress themes.

There are a number of alterantive SEO plugins that are worth considering, especially if you are looking for more advanced features. Why All In One SEO gets my recommendation is reliability. This plugin has a great record for reliability and has been updated regularly for years.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

This plugin is focused on keeping your site performing at it’s best.  Among the many benefits is the fact that it reduces the time it takes your pages to load.

YARRP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

This is a popular plugin that automatically shows related posts at the bottom of each post.  You have the ability to limit this to just pages, just posts or both.  You can also exclude pages if you don’t want them to show up.

Plugin Warning

It is important that you are aware of the potential risks you are taking when you install any kind of a plug-in.  Plugins are developed by people all over the world and some of those programmers conduct better testing than others.  Anything you install on your site has the potential to cause problems and this includes plugins.

Backup before installing plugins

I recommend always backing up your website before installing new plugins, that way if something does go wrong you should be able to restore your site from your backup.

Importance of the Best WordPress plugins

You need to use plugins especially some of the best WordPress plugins that we have just looked at. However, you absolutely do have to use plug-ins because they are too valuable to ignore.  Plugins provide fantastic functions and features for your website. You just need to look at the history of the plugin and look at the ratings it has been given by previous users. Always check plugin reviews before installing a new plugin on your site.

There is no way around it.  You have to use plugins, you just have to be careful.  Focusing on those plugins that have been rated as the best WordPress plugins is a great start.

David Francis

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