The Advantages of Using The Best WordPress Themes

As a beginner, sometimes we have problems deciding the best WordPress themes that will be used. It is quite natural, because we can find a lot of WordPress themes. Starting from the free until paid themes. Themes is one very important factor. Because with a professional appearance, it will attract the attention of your visitors. For the longer term, themes is one of the important elements for the success of your WordPress site.
Why do we have to choose the best themes? Because if we are wrong when choose themes, especially WordPress themes that are not SEO friendly, we will be hard to get good position on search engines. It is certainly unfortunate, because the goal is to get good rankings on search engines. With good ranking, we will receive visitors, of course this are our wishes. Thus, the selection of the best WordPress themes is one important factor.

Tips for choosing the best WordPress themes

We will give some tips for you, so you can choose the best themes.

For the best appearance, you can choose a theme that has a white background color. You can also use dark background colors combined with white font. The combination will make the reader feel comfortable while reading your articles.

Best WordPress ThemesYou must use the proportionate font. Do not use small fonts. Use a larger font. This is to make the text easier to read and provide better experience your reader.

A good theme should have a structured navigation. Good navigation will allow readers to access all your articles.

You should choose a theme that uses only few images. Images do enhance the appearance, but on the other hand, the images also make your site slowly when accessed, so you need to balance site laod time with the look you want to create with images..

Avoid excessive use of JavaScript. Excessive use of JavaScript will make your site slow when accessed.

Finally, avoid using themes from untrusted sources. This might sound obvious, but I have found all sorts of things hidden in the code of themes from unscroupulous sources,

Using one of the best WordPress themes will help esure that your site looks professional, is Search Engine optimised and loads quickly.