Best WordPress Website Hosting

Best WordPress Website Hosting

Finding the best WordPress website hosting is vital.

WordPress is a useful and powerful tool for creating any online presence and more and more people are opting to use it.

You cannot have a serious business that does not have its’ own domain or one that is hosted on a free hosting website. And so there is a huge demand for website hosting that will not only support but also enhance WordPress for online entrepreneurs.

The list of possible hosting service providers has grown tremendously. This is obviously good news but the bad news is that when you are spoilt for choice it is easy to lose focus of your specific needs and make mistakes.

How To Find The Best WordPress Website Hosting

The big question has to be what exactly will you be looking for in the best WordPress website hosting for your site? Actually there are a number of things you will be looking for.

Hosting You Control

When you go into the market to seek a web host you will find numerous service providers offering affordable hosting. Most of these deals come in the form packages and the key thing you should be looking for apart from the price is the level of control you will retain or even get over your site as its’ administrator.

If you do not understand some of the technical aspects related to this do some research on your own and ask your prospective web host to explain this aspect in their package in simple language that you can understand.

Hosting Reliability and Up-time

The other critical and pretty obvious feature you need to be aware of is the reliability and up-time track record of your potential web host. There is no point in throwing all your hard work down the drain just because your visitors could not be able to access your site.

Up-time reliability of 95 per cent is still not good enough. It means that for every 100 minutes your site will be inaccessible for 5 minutes.

These 5 minutes tend to add up very quickly so that the end of the year you will have a substantial loss on your hands of visitors who never got to your site despite the hard work you put into your marketing and efforts to reach them. Do not accept any reliability or uptime that is below 99 percent.

Hosting speed

Equally important is how quickly your site will be able to load with your proposed host. While it is true that there are various technical factors that contribute to this and you cannot just blame everything on your host.

It is also true to say that many of the low cost hosts usually grow so fast that they rapidly outgrow their resources and are not able to keep up with upgrades fast enough. So this is a very important factor you will need to look into.

It will be a good idea to start by finding out what kind of hosting package you are getting. There are actually various packages and some of the very cheap ones usually mean that you are sharing resources with too many other clients.

There are times when this may be a strain and the result is that your site or blog will take ages to load. Not only will impatient visitors not bother to wait but it will have an impact on your search engine rankings, dramatically reducing the amount of traffic that you would have otherwise enjoyed from popular search engines like Google.

Testing Hosting speed

The way to check if your potential host has fast loading servers and enough resources to accommodate you and others is by accessing other sites using the same host.

User reviews online can also tell you a lot and dramatically reduce the chances of you getting some nasty unwelcome surprises and ensuring that somebody has not oversold their shared hosting.

Linux or Windows hosting

When it comes to finding website hosting for WordPress you will always be faced with the choice between Linux or Windows. Both operating systems support the language WordPress has been written in which is PHP. Experts will recommend Linux and for good reason. WordPress was initially created for Linux and it is only later that Windows added support for it.

Hosting Reputation and recommendation

One of the most important factors in choosing WordPress website hosting is the reputation of the hosting company. I recommend the following hosting company. It is where this site is hosted. Follow the link below and use the code “1cent” to get your first month of web hosting for just 1 cent.

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If you keep this few key factors in mind when seeking the best WordPress website hosting for you, you will be able to find the best WordPress website hosting that is just right for your needs.

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