Best WordPress SEO Tips

Best WordPress SEO Tips

Best WordPress SEO Tips

WordPress Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about getting your site to rank highly in search engine results.

To be able to blog successfully and create WordPress sites that perform well in search engine results you need to ensure that your site is optimized for specific keywords or phrases. For example if your site is about dog baskets you need to design your site so that when a user types terms like “dog baskets” into search engines like Google, your site appears as one of the first results.

You need to do more than just producing great creative writing on your favorite subjects to rank well in search engine results.

You need to use a range of different tactics for search engine optimization to improve your site’s performance. Almost everything in your blog can be optimized to increase its performance and visibility in search engines.

SEO Use of Tags

By using tags, you are able to increase ranking of blog posts for particular keywords. Through this, both search engines and humans will be able to easily find useful information in your blog.

Every time when writing a post, add tags. These can be accessed through the field named “Post Tags”. Use a comma to separate each tag. Don’t be too general. Use specific phrases and words that you are targeting. It is wiser to choose a few (2-4), keyword rich tags per post. If you use too many tags on an individual post you end up with too many terms that have little or no SEO value.

Use customized permalinks

A permalink defines the permanent URL in a WordPress blog entry. You can change the default permalink structure such that it includes keywords in the titles of your posts. To be able to do this, go to “Settings” and then “Permalinks”. Click on “Custom Structure” then enter “/%postname%/”.

It is often advised by the official that you should open the structure of the permalink with a structure tag that is numeric. For instance, write “%year%” for the year. This will help WordPress to distinguish between static pages and posts more easily. For those who want to include the date, the structure of the permalink will look like http://blogname/%year%/%postname%.

This is a matter of choice, but I find that my posts without a date rank better than those with so I would advise using the /%postname%/ permalink structure.

Sitemaps for SEO

An XML sitemap contains a list of pages contained in a site. Sitemaps help search engines to crawl your site better. It will then be able to find posts that it could not have otherwise found. Through a sitemap, the search engines can also be alerted whenever you put new content on the blog.

Sitemaps Plug-ins

WordPress Plug-ins like Google XML Sitemaps are available for free and make the Sitemap creation automatic. Download Google XML Sitemaps a great plug-in with all the features you need to automatically create your WordPress sitemap and improve your SEO. To upload this plugin to your blog, use the “Plugins” section in your Dashboard. Carefully follow the instructions in the plug-in so as to build your Sitemap.

Keyword density

Make the article sound natural and not “spammy” by writing without worrying much about the keyword density. Too high a keyword density is unnatural so aim to have a keyword density that reads naturally and not as if someone has tried to stuff as many keywords on the page as possible. Keyword stuffing used to work in the past, but not anymore and your site could be penalised by the search engines if your content contains too many keywords.

Optimize Posts

Just as standard SEO techniques will work for HTML based websites, so will they work for WordPress sites and blogs. You can optimize your posts through targeting keywords in crucial places of the blog entries.

Important areas to put the keywords include the title of the post, headings or subtitles in the post and also the anchor text of links. Make sure that your keywords are relevant to the blog topic.

Internal links

Link internally across your site. Blog posts in WordPress should not be left standing alone. Link them to other categories, tags or relevant posts within every post. Use the keywords as anchor texts. Internal links will help people to explore your site more. It will also help your site’s SEO.

David Francis

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Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Best WordPress SEO plugin

Best WordPress SEO plugin

Search Engine Optimization Plugins

Getting your website to rank highly in the search engine results should be your top priority. That doesn’t mean you have to use Black Hat SEO techniques. Your WordPress site or blogs search engine ranking or SERPs will improve by using the a WordPress SEO plugin. The best thing is that the following WordPress SEO plugins are all available for free and can be downloaded from the links below.

SEO plugin package

An-in-one SEO plug-in package is essential for your WordPress site. Because this plugin is so essential there are several excellent free plugins to choose from.

My current recommendation for the best an-in-one SEO plug-in is called simply the “All-in-One SEO plugin”. This doesn’t have all the functions of other plugins like SEO Ultimate, but is has a strong reputation for reliablity and always updated.

This plugin helps ensure that your blogging is SEO optimized and also helps the blog to have well-managed content. This plugin is a great solution for your SEO needs in WordPress. For every page, you will get search engine optimized titles. Both the post and the page will have the keywords that are assigned to them. Meta tags are also automatically produced using this plug-in.

You can download the latest version of the All-in-One SEO plugin here:

Link: All-in-One SEO download

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Another excellent An-in-one SEO plug-in is WordPress SEO by Yoast.

The plugin takes care of all your site’s SEO needs. It is programmed to consider technical optimization apart from helping you write better content. The best way to quick SEO results is good content. The snippet view of your post or page will give you an accurate idea of how your page will display in the search results. It also helps insert Meta tags and optimizes automatically. This is just the tip of the iceberg of its capabilities. You can download the latest version of WordPress SEO by Yoast here:

Link: WordPress SEO by Yoast download

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is another great SEO plugin, with features almost identical to WordPress SEO by Yoast and the All-in-One SEO plugin.

Using one of the best SEO plug-in package is vital to the success of any blog. It is a great feeling to know that you have a blog that is enjoying all the SEO benefits from one plugin. With a successful blog, there is practically no limit to what you can do and the right SEO plug-in will help your site reach the widest possible audience.

You can download the latest version of SEO Ultimate here:

Link: SEO Ultimate download

Content is King

SEO plugins are a very useful tool for helping your WordPress site or blog get good search engine rankings and traffic to your site. However, no amount of SEO will get your site to rank highly, or be of value to visitors unless the content on your site is excellent.  Make sure you do great research for all your content and make it as easy to understand and navigate as possible. Remember the thing that will matter the most is the actual content on the website. If you have great content, and effective SEO then your site will achieve high ranking and traffic.

David Francis

Best WordPress Sites

Best WordPress Website Hosting

Best WordPress Website Hosting

Best WordPress Website Hosting

Finding the best WordPress website hosting is vital.

WordPress is a useful and powerful tool for creating any online presence and more and more people are opting to use it.

You cannot have a serious business that does not have its’ own domain or one that is hosted on a free hosting website. And so there is a huge demand for website hosting that will not only support but also enhance WordPress for online entrepreneurs.

The list of possible hosting service providers has grown tremendously. This is obviously good news but the bad news is that when you are spoilt for choice it is easy to lose focus of your specific needs and make mistakes.

How To Find The Best WordPress Website Hosting

The big question has to be what exactly will you be looking for in the best WordPress website hosting for your site? Actually there are a number of things you will be looking for.

Hosting You Control

When you go into the market to seek a web host you will find numerous service providers offering affordable hosting. Most of these deals come in the form packages and the key thing you should be looking for apart from the price is the level of control you will retain or even get over your site as its’ administrator.

If you do not understand some of the technical aspects related to this do some research on your own and ask your prospective web host to explain this aspect in their package in simple language that you can understand.

Hosting Reliability and Up-time

The other critical and pretty obvious feature you need to be aware of is the reliability and up-time track record of your potential web host. There is no point in throwing all your hard work down the drain just because your visitors could not be able to access your site.

Up-time reliability of 95 per cent is still not good enough. It means that for every 100 minutes your site will be inaccessible for 5 minutes.

These 5 minutes tend to add up very quickly so that the end of the year you will have a substantial loss on your hands of visitors who never got to your site despite the hard work you put into your marketing and efforts to reach them. Do not accept any reliability or uptime that is below 99 percent.

Hosting speed

Equally important is how quickly your site will be able to load with your proposed host. While it is true that there are various technical factors that contribute to this and you cannot just blame everything on your host.

It is also true to say that many of the low cost hosts usually grow so fast that they rapidly outgrow their resources and are not able to keep up with upgrades fast enough. So this is a very important factor you will need to look into.

It will be a good idea to start by finding out what kind of hosting package you are getting. There are actually various packages and some of the very cheap ones usually mean that you are sharing resources with too many other clients.

There are times when this may be a strain and the result is that your site or blog will take ages to load. Not only will impatient visitors not bother to wait but it will have an impact on your search engine rankings, dramatically reducing the amount of traffic that you would have otherwise enjoyed from popular search engines like Google.

Testing Hosting speed

The way to check if your potential host has fast loading servers and enough resources to accommodate you and others is by accessing other sites using the same host.

User reviews online can also tell you a lot and dramatically reduce the chances of you getting some nasty unwelcome surprises and ensuring that somebody has not oversold their shared hosting.

Linux or Windows hosting

When it comes to finding website hosting for WordPress you will always be faced with the choice between Linux or Windows. Both operating systems support the language WordPress has been written in which is PHP. Experts will recommend Linux and for good reason. WordPress was initially created for Linux and it is only later that Windows added support for it.

Hosting Reputation and recommendation

One of the most important factors in choosing WordPress website hosting is the reputation of the hosting company. I recommend the following hosting company. It is where this site is hosted. Follow the link below and use the code “1cent” to get your first month of web hosting for just 1 cent.

Link: >> 1 Cent Hostgator Website Hosting <<

If you keep this few key factors in mind when seeking the best WordPress website hosting for you, you will be able to find the best WordPress website hosting that is just right for your needs.

David Francis

Best WordPress Sites


Best WordPress plugins

The Best WordPress Plugins 

Best WordPress plugins

Best WordPress plugins

WordPress is widely regarded as the best choice for building a website and one reason why WordPress is so popular is plugins.

Plugins are one of the reasons that you don’t have to be a computer programmer in order to customize your website and add functionality to it.

Programmers all over the world create themes and plug-ins that allow you do just about anything you could dream of to your site, and you can easily add these to your site.   This post is going to focus on some of the best WordPress plugins that are available today.

Best WordPress plugins

All of the following best WordPress plugins can be downloaded from the official wordpress website at

Akismet Plugin

This has been on the list as one of the best plugins for a while now, and with good reason.

More people are spamming the comment sections of websites in the hopes of getting a link back to their site.  The Akismet plugin helps identify those spam comments and automatically moves them to a spam folder instead of forcing you to have to review them manually.

Broken Link Checker Plugin

This is a great plugin that scans your website periodically to make sure that all of your links are working.  Your visitors (and the search engines) don’t like broken links and this will alert you so they can be fixed.

Quick Adsense Plugin

Many people put advertising of some kind on their sites and this is an easy way to add Google Adsense into your posts.

Redirection Plugin

This plugin can streamline your handling of 404 errors and 301 redirects.  It also automatically updates the url when you change the name of a page, category, etc. so you don’t lose incoming link juice.

Secure WordPress Plugin

One of the few drawbacks to using the WordPress platform is that it can be vulnerable to hackers.  This is one of the best WordPress plugins around because it takes preventative steps to protect your site from hackers.

WordPress Database Backup Plugin

In the unfortunate even that hackers do get into your site, it is essential that you have a backup so it can be rebuilt.  This plugin allows you to schedule automatic backups so you don’t have to remember to do it.

WP125 Plugin

This is another easy way to add affiliate ads to your website.  It specializes in the popular 125 x 125 ads.

What is great about this plugin is that it allows you to put up to 6 small ads in one block. I prefer the option to use just 4 ads. This looks great and maximises the use of your valuable web real estate. It also gives you stats on clicks each ad is getting so you can delete ads that aren’t being clicked on.

CommentLuv Plugin

This is a great plugin if you are interested in generating more discussion on your website.  It encourages people to leave more comments on your site because it automatically shares one of their own recent posts with their comment.

Tweet Old Post Plugin

Many of the best WordPress plugins are related to social media because it has exploded over the last few years.  This one randomly goes through the old content on your site and randomly sends out a tweet about it.  It’s a great way to keep your old content in front of people and keep your Twitter feed updated.

Recent Tweets

This is another way to leverage your social media marketing.  The plugin puts a widget in your sidebar that shows all of of your recent tweets making it more likely that people will subscribe to your feed.

All In One SEO Pack

This is one of the best WordPress plugins if you are focused on SEO marketing and your theme isn’t SEO optimized.  The plugin gives you many of the SEO options that are usually only available in premium WordPress themes.

There are a number of alterantive SEO plugins that are worth considering, especially if you are looking for more advanced features. Why All In One SEO gets my recommendation is reliability. This plugin has a great record for reliability and has been updated regularly for years.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

This plugin is focused on keeping your site performing at it’s best.  Among the many benefits is the fact that it reduces the time it takes your pages to load.

YARRP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

This is a popular plugin that automatically shows related posts at the bottom of each post.  You have the ability to limit this to just pages, just posts or both.  You can also exclude pages if you don’t want them to show up.

Plugin Warning

It is important that you are aware of the potential risks you are taking when you install any kind of a plug-in.  Plugins are developed by people all over the world and some of those programmers conduct better testing than others.  Anything you install on your site has the potential to cause problems and this includes plugins.

Backup before installing plugins

I recommend always backing up your website before installing new plugins, that way if something does go wrong you should be able to restore your site from your backup.

Importance of the Best WordPress plugins

You need to use plugins especially some of the best WordPress plugins that we have just looked at. However, you absolutely do have to use plug-ins because they are too valuable to ignore.  Plugins provide fantastic functions and features for your website. You just need to look at the history of the plugin and look at the ratings it has been given by previous users. Always check plugin reviews before installing a new plugin on your site.

There is no way around it.  You have to use plugins, you just have to be careful.  Focusing on those plugins that have been rated as the best WordPress plugins is a great start.

David Francis

Best WordPress Sites

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How To Create The Best WordPress Sites

Learn All about How To Create The Best WordPress Sites

How To Create The Best WordPress Sites

How To Create The Best WordPress Sites

You too can learn how to create the best WordPress sites. The amazing thing that an increasing number of online entrepreneurs are beginning to realize is the fact that WordPress is much more than just a simple content management system. It is the kind of open source platform that can take you very far enabling you to make profits online from very minimal initial investment.

And you do not even need to be technically minded to pull this off. That is really the big edge WordPress can deliver to those who are willing to invest just a little of their time in becoming a little more familiar with it and learning what needs to be done to create the best WordPress sites.

Amazingly it is possible to bring your costs down dramatically and yet not affect the high quality of the website that you must seek to make in order to make an impact on the World Wide Web.

What You Need To Do create a great WordPress Site

There are a few steps you will need to take in using WordPress to get you where you want to go.

WordPress hosting

Avoid free hosting so that you retain better control over your site. Instead go for low cost hosting options that will charge you very little money every month to host your site.

WordPress themes

Something else you will need is an impressive theme.  You will quickly discover that there is a very wide range of options when it comes to WordPress themes. Starting from the free to the low priced. We even have very pricey options in WordPress themes, especially if you want a unique or customised theme. If you feel that you cannot quite afford a customized WordPress theme the best option would be a premium theme which should be cost you much less. A standard premium theme is the best option for most people.

WordPress plugins

Many people swear on the fact that what makes WordPress really special are the numerous plug-ins which allow you to do virtually anything and to create any kind of site that you may fancy. Many of these plugins are free.

Website Backlinks and traffic

After you have set up your WordPress site the next thing will be to build up backlinks pointing your site. You need backlinks to your site in order to generate traffic. Without traffic your best WordPress sites cannot really be classified as being successful and will not be profitable to you either.

What makes the best WordPress sites?

The possible WordPress applications are virtually limitless. You can create anything from a blog to a WordPress ecommerce store. So what makes the best WordPress sites?

After spending so much time and resources looking at the various ways they can build the very best WordPress site, many online entrepreneurs find themselves with a totally different kind of problem. What type of site should they make?

Deciding what type of WordPress site to make

Many people find it difficult to figure out what exactly to do with their first site. Actually there are a number of things that you can use your WordPress site for. Thanks to the versatile nature of this tool there is virtually no website that you cannot successfully create. Still it will be useful to look at a few examples of killer web properties that you can easily create so that you are in a better position to see what will suit you best.

What are the Best WordPress website ideas

WordPress Directory websites

•             Creating virtually any type of web directory is a breeze with WordPress. This is the kind of site that has huge potential to earn you some excellent regular income.

WordPress Forum websites

•             If you were to create a forum the advantage would be that you would hardly need to worry yourself about content because this would be created by those visiting your forum. You will easily be able to create a great forum on the WordPress platform.

WordPress Wiki websites

•             How about a Wiki kind of site? If this is the kind of thing you believe you would be able to do well, at least you can be sure that WordPress can easily handle that as well.

WordPress Review sites

•             Review sites can also be quite lucrative and considering the fact that your investment will be so minimal will mean that your profits will be huge.

WordPress affiliate sites

•             You may have noticed that top earning affiliates and many others love to use WordPress for their affiliate sites. There has to be a reason for this. If you want to know they all say that it is so flexible and easy to use on the road to their six figure incomes.

WordPress video blog or a social voting portal

•             Not to mention a video blog or a social voting portal, there is absolutely no limit to what you can do creating the best WordPress sites.

WordPress business sites

•             All this does not mean that WordPress is not suitable for complex business sites as well. You can choose the enterprise theme and you will be amazed at the possibilities and the end result that you get too.

How To Create The Best WordPress Sites Advice

Perhaps the best advice for how to create the best WordPress sites is to make a site about something that you are interested in or passionate about. Your interest in the topic you are creating a site about is key to creating a successful first WordPress site. My second piece of advice is start as soon as possible and learn as you create your site. With time and effort you could have one of the best WordPress sites on the internet.

David Francis

Best WordPress Sites

WordPress Ecommerce Theme

Choosing the Best WordPress Ecommerce Theme

wordpress ecommerce theme

Wordpress ecommerce theme

The quickest way to set up an online store is to build it using one of the best WordPress ecommerce themes. If you pick the right WordPress ecommerce theme setting up an online store can be easy and profitable.

WordPress is already a favorite among bloggers and web developers alike for its ease of use and functionality; and with ecommerce themes, setting up an ecommerce website has never been easier.

You can add a shopping cart to your blog or even set up an entirely new e-commerce website with just a few customization clicks, thanks to the great developers who build themes that are packed with all the functionality you would need. It is just so easy that you’ll wonder why you’d need a developer to hand-code your site from scratch and charge you a premium fee.

The best WordPress sites are built on the best WordPress themes. Let’s examine the options you have.

Free WordPress ecommerce themes

Unfortunately you won’t find many free WordPress ecommerce themes. When you do, there’s always a limitation to deal with, just like with many other general blog free themes. They’re mostly built-on design and require you to download an additional plugin to add functionality.

If you feel comfortable enough working with plugins, you can still download an ecommerce plugin, choose a free ecommerce-based theme and work build your site for free. You may find that customizing plugins is fairly simple and works for your website, but remember that it will require work and support may be very limited.

If you do want to try using free WordPress ecommerce themes to build your business, the themes below all support the famous WP E-commerce plugin:

– WP Store

– Crafty Cart

– SimpleCart

– ShopMe

– iKonic

Combined with the WP E-commerce plugin, these should serve you okay if all you want is a simple shopping cart-enabled site for your products. The best value however lies in premium themes.

WordPress premium e-commerce themes

There are numerous premium themes in this category to choose from. The pricing could range from anything between $30 and $200. But the amount you spend on a premium theme is a worthy investment due to the benefits provided:

– Full functionality – no need for additional plugins that you would need to tweak to fit the theme, plus advanced customization features

– Great design and color options to customize the look

– Free upgrades and support – both techies and newbies often need some support when they encounter problems with the theme.

Of course, not all premium theme providers will offer you quality support or the best WordPress ecommerce themes in the first place. You still need to check out what themes they have on offer, their customer support and documentation and their pricing. Remember that the success of your online store is hugely dependent on the functionality, design and user-friendliness of the theme you’re going to choose.

Having said that, let’s briefly review three of the best premium theme providers. There are many other themes out there, but these three are well known theme builders with a great variety of ecommerce themes to choose from:


They have a wide range of WordPress ecommerce themes to choose from, the most popular being The Furniture Shop, The Jewelry Shop, and The Clothes shop, which boasts of 22 custom widgets, 30 widget sections, a secure front-end customer login, a separate blog and an SEO optimized structure. Their themes are quite inexpensive, ranging from $35-$45.


Their collection offers much variety in design though all the themes are built on the (powerful) WooFramework as they call it. Some of these are child themes, requiring you to download their own WooCommerce plugin for functionality. One independent theme, WooStore, features a customizable homepage with a sleek content slider, custom post types and numerous custom widgets that bring out more ecommerce features.


They too have a range of elegant themes with varying prices. The theme titled StoreBox is particularly quite outstanding both in design and capability. Its auto install feature which fills up dummy content for you makes your theme set-up process a breeze. Other features include customizable homepage design, integration of multiple payment gateways (PayPal, Google Checkout, bank transfers etc), automatic emails, and the ability to set shipping options, a blog section and much more.

WordPress ecommerce themes advice

The fact is that the best WordPress ecommerce themes are not free.

Most premium ecommerce themes come with all the functionality you’d ever need and are worth investing in if you are serious about building your online business. WordPress is no longer all about blogging, you should take advantage of a good, premium theme to build your own powerful and secure online store.

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer Review

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer

This is just a quick review of a very useful and inexpensive WordPress training book and DVD that is currently available from Amazon for as little as $30 at the time of writing.

There is alot to learn in order to get the most out of WordPress. Using WordPress for th first time can seem comlicated and intimidating.

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer is based on individual lessons that takes you through all the important features of WordPress.

Each lesson in the WordPress 24-Hour Trainer teaches specific areas of WordPress such as inserting graphics and media.

You can work through the whole book at your own pace, or focus on just what you need for a specific task.

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer Video

What is special about this package is that you get a video of the lessons as well as the book.

If like me, you learn better watching a video rather than reading instructions the videos that accompany each lesson are invaluable.

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer Content

  • Planning and preparing your site for WordPress
  • Installing WordPress
  • Writing, tagging, and publishing a post
  • Working with the text editor
  • Styling paragraphs and creating lists
  • Working with media files
  • Linking, aligning, and sizing an image
  • Working with image galleries
  • Adding video and audio
  • Naming, scheduling, and managing posts
  • Making your site stand out
  • Helping others connect to your site
  • Becoming search engine friendly
  • Optimizing your site
  • Backing up your site
  • Installing and activating plugins

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer Conclusion

This book is a great starting guide that will give you a solid foundation upon which to develop your WordPress skills and build your first WordPress site.

David Francis

Best WordPress Sites

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Best WordPress Sites

How to Make the Best WordPress Sites?

If you are a WordPress user, certainly you want to make your site become the best sites. For that reason, you need a lot of information about WordPress. You must know more about WordPress CMS, or Content Management System. Then you will be able to make your site one the best WordPress sites.

There are several things you can learn, so you can make the best WordPress sites. You have to learn the WordPress engine, themes, and of course, the plugins.

Below we tell you all about the WordPress engine, themes, and plugins.

This is the official website of the WordPress developer. On the WordPress forum at, you can meet with WordPress users from all over the world. You can participate, discuss, or ask questions if you have any problem about WordPress. You also can get the latest info about WordPress through this site.

Yoast is one of the best of WordPress developers. You can find lots of plugins made by Yoast. If you want to know more about WordPress and SEO, Yoast’s site is the right place.

If you are a beginner just learning WordPress, do not forget to visit this place. This site provides a variety of WordPress guides and tutorials, starting from easy until expert levels.
If you need some of the customization and modifications to your WordPress, come to this site. This site provides many of the source codes that you can use to modify your WordPress.
If you need a video tutorials about WordPress. Do not miss this site. WordPress TV provides many of WordPress tutorials with audiovisual.

Best WordPress Themes

The Advantages of Using The Best WordPress Themes

As a beginner, sometimes we have problems deciding the best WordPress themes that will be used. It is quite natural, because we can find a lot of WordPress themes. Starting from the free until paid themes. Themes is one very important factor. Because with a professional appearance, it will attract the attention of your visitors. For the longer term, themes is one of the important elements for the success of your WordPress site.
Why do we have to choose the best themes? Because if we are wrong when choose themes, especially WordPress themes that are not SEO friendly, we will be hard to get good position on search engines. It is certainly unfortunate, because the goal is to get good rankings on search engines. With good ranking, we will receive visitors, of course this are our wishes. Thus, the selection of the best WordPress themes is one important factor.

Tips for choosing the best WordPress themes

We will give some tips for you, so you can choose the best themes.

For the best appearance, you can choose a theme that has a white background color. You can also use dark background colors combined with white font. The combination will make the reader feel comfortable while reading your articles.

Best WordPress ThemesYou must use the proportionate font. Do not use small fonts. Use a larger font. This is to make the text easier to read and provide better experience your reader.

A good theme should have a structured navigation. Good navigation will allow readers to access all your articles.

You should choose a theme that uses only few images. Images do enhance the appearance, but on the other hand, the images also make your site slowly when accessed, so you need to balance site laod time with the look you want to create with images..

Avoid excessive use of JavaScript. Excessive use of JavaScript will make your site slow when accessed.

Finally, avoid using themes from untrusted sources. This might sound obvious, but I have found all sorts of things hidden in the code of themes from unscroupulous sources,

Using one of the best WordPress themes will help esure that your site looks professional, is Search Engine optimised and loads quickly.

Best WordPress Sites Ever

The Best WordPress Sites

Best WordPress SitesOne factor that makes a Wordress site referred to as the “Best WordPress Sites Ever” is the use of themes. Themes are very important, with the proper selection of themes, you can create the best WordPress site.

A site that has nice, neat, and unique designs; will give the impression of “WOW Effect.” This impression will not be easy to forget. The result, blog readers will like your site, and will admire your site.

For WordPress, we do not have to worry about the selection of themes. We can find many WordPress themes on the internet. However, to make “The Best WordPress Sites Ever,” we certainly should not be arbitrarily choose themes that will be used.

Here are some of the developers of WordPress themes that can be selected. They are trusted WordPress themes developers. Their work has been widely used by many bloggers around the world.
App Themes provide a variety of unique themes unique for your WordPress site. Using App Themes products, you will get a reality, your WordPress site will turn into a web application. For example, a WordPress site can be changed to classified ad sites and job information sites. App Themes still continue to develop and create new themes.
Theme Junkie provides a wide selection of interesting themes. Some Theme Junkie product is suitable for use in sites with a specific topic. For example, if you have a site with the topic of news, gadgets; Theme Junkie has some themes that are very suitable for use
Woo Themes is one of the developers of WordPress themes that have been long. Woo Themes have dozens of themes. In addition, Woo Themes also continue to launch new themes that suitable to current trends.
Flexi Themes provides a variety of high qualities, elegant, and of course unique themes. In addition, Flexi Themes always update its themes products, so Flexi Themes always can be used with the new version of WordPress. In addition, Flexi Themes also provide support to its themes products.
Studio Press provides framework-based themes, one of the popular features of the present. With this framework, the theme is easier to be customized and modified. Studio Press provides a wide selection of themes with a variety of special topics. There are specific themes for the real estates, news sites, automotive sites, social media, etc.

By using a the appropriate themes, you will be able to create a great WordPress site. When combined with quality articles, the result could be that you site is one of  the “Best WordPress Sites Ever.”

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